Project Description

weWallet is an innovative ecosystem that aims to overcome current issues related with Mobile Wallets solutions. On one hand, the weWallet ecosystem intends to dematerialize the physical wallets in order to digitize payment, identification, marketing and ticketing experiences into a single mobile wallet that can be used by consumers.
On the other hand, merchants can access a system that allows them to implement and manage optimized mobile marketing strategies which can help them differentiate from the competition through a user-centric shopping experience. The weWallet system is cloud-based and integrates a mobile wallet for the consumers, a management tool for the merchants, and digital points of sales that allow communications and transactions through NFC or through the reading of QR codes.
In order to allow the creation of personalized marketing campaigns, the system is prepared to learn the preferences of the customers by studying their purchase behaviors. These marketing campaigns can be sent by BLE beacons placed inside stores.

Our Goals

  • To increase efficiency in managing the mobility of visitors on large events through an intelligent allocation of resources based on mobility forecasting models and decision support mechanisms.
  • To increase the security of visitors at large events by providing real-time information on areas with larger crowds and information about the positioning of members of the same group.
  • To increase the quality of experience of visitors at large events by diminishing the issues with waiting queues, loss of group members and forgetfulness of the parking space.

System Components

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