weWallet - System Components

Customers Mobile App

The weWallet mobile app (Android and iOS) is a mobile wallet that has the main function of allowing consumers to make payments through contactless technologies (NFC and QR codes). This mobile wallet also presents three other features: identification, which allows an user to identify himself on a system; ticketing, which allows consumers to manage their tickets (tickets for transportation or shopping, for example); and marketing, which allows consumers to receive marketing campaigns targeted to their preferences.

Merchants Backoffice

The merchants can access a web tool to manage payments received, tickets created, and marketing campaigns sent to the consumers. With this tool, merchants can define better strategies to engage with their clients by providing them promotions of products suited to their consuming preferences. These promotions are presented on their mobile wallets.

Digital points of sales

These points of sales are mobile applications (Android and iOS) used by merchants, which allow payments and ticket validation to be done through NFC technology or by QR Code reading. The points of sales interact directly with the mobile wallets of the consumers.

Overall Features


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