Project Description

WeTester presents itself as a solution that consists of a mobile platform that allows to perform the most varied tests to web services, mobile communications and services available in smartphones, in real time, in order to find defects in the service provided.

The cloud serves as a foundation for the entire process thus enabling this platform to be used by any entity anywhere in the world. WeTester is divided into two main components, a portal and a mobile application through which it is possible to carry out the most diverse tests in order to evaluate the conditions between the company providing the content and its users.

The entire process is streamlined so that it is possible to perform all these tests in a systematic, timed and detailed way to obtain detailed feedback from them


The complexity of the content that is currently available and the diversity of devices available on the market, increasingly require a careful analysis of the platforms that articulate this process. As important as producing and making these contents available, it is to ensure that they reach their destination in time and that they can be reproduced as intended.

WeTester allows you to streamline this process, guaranteeing the previous assumptions, which translates into a stronger image of the brand to the users and reinforces its position as a quality reference.

At the same time, weTester also lets you know how, when and under what conditions the entire distribution platform is, and therefore an important component in campaign management. The extensive library of available tests is the ideal solution to follow up the whole process, identifying any problems of a technical nature in a timely manner.


Through the portal it is possible to manage, configure and schedule all types of tests provided by weTester (internet connection speed, latency, voip, streaming iptv, call quality, signal quality, battery consumption, network modes etc) . There are also other modules that allow you to configure the reports and alarms associated with tests, manage devices and also users.


The application of weTester is its natural extension where in addition to consolidating a series of technical information about the device, it is also possible to visualize all the tests that ran in it, their reports and the associated register.