Project Context

  • The problem:
  • Telco operators offer a wide variety of services to their customers, from TV, Internet and Voice services to Value Added Services (VAS). Although these services boost new revenues and differentiate them from the competition, they cannot prevent operators from continuing to suffer significant losses due to failed payments and fraud, and they are also not sufficiently appealing to improve the degree of customer satisfaction on the telecommunications sector, as this is one of the sectors with the lowest scores in consumer satisfaction indexes in recent years.

    Thus, there is an urgent need to create a solution capable of improving bad debt management, reducing the churn rate and improving the way customer data is used by operators. The TelcoVista project proposes to face these challenges through the investigation and development of a Big Data Analytics platform equipped with optimized mechanisms for analyzing and forecasting relevant operational events for telco operators.

  • The solution:
  • Innovative Big Data Analytics platform that intends to help telco operators on making better business-related decisions through the usage of high-quality data analysis techniques and smart data prediction mechanisms. It is composed by two main tools:

    • Web management and decision support tool for telco operators;

    • Mobile selfcare app for telco clients.


  • Web management and decision support tool for telco operators
  • Tool that aims to help the managers of telecommunications operators to better understand business information they have, with a special focus on reducing debts, reducing the rate of customer abandonment, and providing services directed to customer preferences.

    View operating results

    Consult the evolution of different business indicators on charts and tables, such as the churn rate, total of bad debts, most successful campaigns, among other types of information.

    Forecast churn rate and bad debts

    See how the churn rate can evolve over the time and how likely a customer will become a future source of bad debt.

    Smart scoring mechanism for credit provisioning

    Provide different credit to prepaid clients based on their profile.

    Create marketing campaigns

    Targeted marketing campaigns can be created based on the clients’ plan, subscribed services and profile.

    Create relevant notifications for clients

    Configure messages that clients can receive on different type of events, such as recharges, insufficient balance, among others.

    See event history

    Consult what events were performed on the platform.

  • Mobile selfcare app for telco clients
  • Mobile application that will allow consumers to manage their account at the operator, consult and manage services, products and campaigns, request credit from the operator, and receive and view notifications.

    Manage account

    Feature that allows clients to manage the type of information that they provide to the operator.

    See consumptions

    Clients can see the consumptions on the plan they have subscribed on the operator, such as the number of SMS sent, the data traffic available, among others.

    Consult new services and products

    Clients can search for new products to buy and new services to subscribe for their plans.

    Receive targeted campaigns

    Feature that allows clients to receive marketing campaigns promoting products and services of their interest.

    Request credit to the operator

    When clients are close to running out of balance, they can ask the operator for a personalized credit.

    Check new notifications

    The mobile app will allow clients to receive in-app notifications regarding different events, such as overdue invoices, balance close to zero, etc.