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NFC Launcher is a cloud-based solution for managing NFC marketing campaigns, enabling brands to manage their tags, smart posters and all NFC communications. It has two components: the mobile application (installed on each user’s mobile device) and the browser’s back office (used to manage all tags, promotions, and campaigns). The back office lets you access real-time reports and statistics and change the content of each tag in a matter of seconds, allowing you to effortlessly create, tweak, or even re-create your campaigns according to your goals. Although designed to simplify brand management, TIMWE’s NFC Launcher has also been created to offer its customers an incredible user experience, allowing them to access information (access a link, a video on Youtube, search on Google , Etc.), share content on social networks or even schedule a meeting or dial a number to make a call in a simple and easy way. While the focus is not on data analysis, NFC Launcher also lets you better understand your customers’ consumption profiles, helping you recognize your needs and predict future trends. nfc-project

For TIMWE, NFC technology is a brilliant way to increase the functionality of a smartphone and how you can interact with it. In a simple way, it is possible to transform a user’s device into an access point to several targeted contents, thus enhancing a universe of possibilities in fields ranging from mobile marketing, payment systems, small transactions as well as customer loyalty systems or distribution of content.

The NFC Launcher comes as a simple solution that allows brands to use this technology and streamline the process necessary to reach their users in an innovative, targeted and interactive way.

Through the mobile application and the backoffice that supports it, NFC Launcher is prepared to implement various usage scenarios that meet not only the current possibilities of NFC but also future forms of interaction that may arise.

The NFC Launcher allows users to access information configured in tags, allowing an innovative and dynamic marketing experience. With the NFC Launcher, your smartphone is able to read the information and materialize it into a specific action according to your settings.

The NFC Launcher Mobile App can launch a variety of actions, such as following a Twitter account, launching application downloads, route calculation, or facebook actions like sharing a YouTube video. If you have set up an application in your tag and that application is not already installed on your client’s smartphone, NFC Launcher will connect to the corresponding download page in the store so that it can be downloaded. Once installed on the device, NFC Launcher will automatically launch the configured application.

NFC Launcher Back office is designed to help you manage your tags easily and simply without the need to have a specialized team or spend more resources on hardware and infrastructure. In the Back Office, you can manage your account, your campaigns and have access to reports and statistics in real time, allowing you to track each step of your campaigns.