ADAA - Solution

App and Web

Innovative ecosystem of governmental management composed by two tools:

 (i) Management platform with an integrated decision support system for governmental entities;
 (ii) Mobile application that will allow citizens to report suggestions on how to improve governmental services.
  • App
  • Web platform

Reports and feedback for governmental services

Transform citizens feedback into important sources of information to optimize governmental policies.

Research of goals for the different governmental services

Improves the knowledge of the citizens regarding the different government structures and policies that exist.

Search for information related to governmental services

Allow citizens to obtain information about different governmental services, in a fast and simple way, trough trusted web sources.

Definition of tasks, objectives and KPIs

Functionality that will allow government managers to specify tasks, objectives and KPIs taking into consideration the business rules.

Live monitoring of results

Allows goverment managers to check dashboards, graphics and tables containing information about all governmental operations.

Dynamic research in different data sources

Functionality that allows the research of trusted information about the different governmental services in data sources that were previously defined by the government.

Communication between services and citizens

Allows government managers to communicate with each other for a faster exchange of information. The communication between citizens and government managers is also allowed to improve the relationship between the former and the latter.

Goals and objectives

The general objetive of this project is to mitigate errors that were identified in the current governmental systems, optimzing and defining policies with the citizens feedback.
  • Creation of a tool that will allow the definition of optimized government policies.
  • Creation of a tool that will allow the comunication between different government structures with a greater usability.
  • Creation of a tool with an integrated decision support system for the different gonvernment services available based on the government data sources with relevant information.
  • Bring government entities and citizens together to improve government policies.
  • Improve the citizens knowledge about the different governmental policies.